How to Keep Mice Out of Your RV | Everything You Need to Know

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Keeping mice out of your RV is important for your health. It can also save you hundreds even thousands of dollars in repairs! One mouse in the wrong place can wreak havoc on your wiring. Ultimately, it can create a fire risk if wires become chewed or frayed.

While saving your wiring can be a great motivating factor, the thought of mouse droppings in your living space is usually enough to get most folks motivated to do some preventative maintenance.

Mice gravitate in winter to the warm, food-filled dwellings of humans. Therefore, living in an RV full-time is no different than living brick and mortar. As temperatures drop is a great time to do a little varmint proofing. Here are six simple steps you can take to keep mice out of your RV.

Six Steps to Keep Mice Out of Your RV

  1. Seal up any visible holes — Expanding foam works great. However, it’s a good idea to practice first to get a feel for it. Sealing holes also has the added benefit of keeping your RV warmer in winter months.
  2. Keep trash sealed up and, once full, take to the dumpster.
  3. Place food (including pet food) in sealed plastic containers.
  4. Don’t leave pet food outside and keep the RV site clean.
  5. Eliminate areas with water retention.
  6. If you are storing your RV. Store it on concrete!

Other Alternatives

Some people insist that dryer sheets, Irish spring soap, and oils like peppermints work well as deterrents. They believe mice will avoid the strong scents. Nevertheless, we have heard stories of bars of Irish Spring chewed on by mice. As for dryer sheets, some report them being used for nests and even a as favorite restroom stop for mice.

While these are all options you can try, it is our contention that the six steps listed above are your best preventative.

By following these steps, you are on your way to a healthy, happy, mouse-free winter!