Get Lost In Midland’s Rich History And Culture

The Permian Basin's Vietnam Veterans Memorial near Stanley RV Park in Midland, TX

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Midland is in the heart of the Permian Basin. The area is known not only for its rich history but also its colorful arts district. Midland is known for its Performing Arts Centers, but what sets it apart from other theaters is the oldest continuing melodrama at the Yucca theater. If the arts do not catch your fancy, an outdoor preserve is ready at a moments notice. If the smell of wildlife proves too much, then go catch some minor league baseball with the Midland RockHounds. Wonder where George W. Bush grew up? Look no further as his childhood home is open to the public. 

Scharbauer Sports Complex

The Scharbauer Sports Complex, likewise referred to as the Security Bank Ballpark, is home to the town’s minor league baseball crew, the RockHounds. Regardless of whether you’re a games aficionado or a guest eager to experience Midland culture, this is one of the most mainstream attractions for Midland’s local people. While it’s not a major league group, the RockHounds play a decent game worth viewing, contending with different teams in the Texas league. Master’s tip: sausages are profoundly encouraged, and the season lasts from April through September. 

Scharbauer Sports Complex

Yucca Theater

Catch a production brimming with mayhem and hilarity performed at the notable Yucca Theater in downtown Midland. Melodrama is a unique theatrical experience invented in America and nobody does it quite like Summer Mummers, the most seasoned existing dramatic association of its sort in the nation. Bring your companions, slam the villain with popcorn and enjoy side-splitting  laughter during the olio. 

Yucca Theater

Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a specialty park located near the Midland International Airport. It’s an excellent Memorial to Vietnam Veterans, it might be just a little too realistic for some of the Veterans you’ve met. A lot of thought went into the planning and construction here.

The Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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Ally Outdoors

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