Welcome 2019 with a Quick Check-and-Change List for your RV!

It’s another new year, Stanley RV Park residents and guests! We feel truly blessed for the year that was, and for each day that you all spent in our Midland TX RV Park.  

We’re certain many of you are busy going through your New Year’s resolutions lists. We have a couple of check-and-change items of our own, and we want to share them so that you can have an even better year here with us at Stanley RV Park.  

  • Battery 

The good thing about RV batteries is they can last up to 5 to 7 years – if they’re well-maintained. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to check for signs of corrosion and/or if they’re charging properly. If you spot anything out-of-the-ordinary, feel free to consult a technician or replace the batteries altogether (but please make sure to dispose your old batteries properly).  

  • Tires  

Regardless of travel frequency, always check your tire pressure. Warm or hot weather can cause your tires to overinflate, while cold weather can cause them to deflate. If you notice other signs of concerning wear and tear, you may want to start looking for better replacements. Try shopping online  

  • Plumbing 

Ideally, maintenance check for your RV plumbing happens once a year. This will help you catch any imperfections that could lead to bigger later. Got a leaky faucet? Best to fix it now. Seals and valves looking a worn and brittle? Replace them now. Remember: as with any problem, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (in this case, expensive RV water supply lines).  

  • Interiors 

Flooring. Carpeting. Pantry. Dinette. Any space that you think you can transform, go right ahead and try some things out! There are plenty of RV-friendly furnishings and appliances available out there – and even more design ideas that can make your Midland TX RV Park home cozier.  

Welcoming another year means exciting new opportunities for change and positivity. We wish every Stanley RV Park resident and guest more blessings this 2019, and a safe and peaceful stay.