The Midland County Sherriff’s Office Has a Spook-tacular Treat for Midland TX Residents

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year! There’s plenty of candy and creative costumes to go around, and the City of Midland TX always hosts fun activities for locals and visitors. Long-term residents and guests of Stanley RV Park are probably familiar with the popular Halloween haunts in Midland this season, but may we interest you in a trick-or-treat party with a twist?  

The Midland County Sherriff’s Office is holding it’s first-ever Trunk or Treat party on Wednesday, October 31, at the Midland County Horseshoe Arena. Bring your families, friends and Midland rv park neighbors (don’t forget to come in costume!) to a safe and fun environment. There will be local businesses present at the event, so you can expect to take home bags full of sweets and an assortment of candies.  

For those who are slightly confused, a Trunk or Treat party is much like any other trick or treat – except instead of going door-to-door, you go car-to-car. Adults spookily spruce up the backs or trunks of their vehicles, filling it up with candy and other Halloween goodies. The children are then instructed to go around and make a stop at each parked vehicle. This all happens in a wide but secure space, giving the children ample freedom to roam around safely, and the adults time to mingle amongst themselves as well.  

The Midland County Sherriff’s Office’s Trunk or Treat party will be from 530PM to 8PM, which leaves your evening relatively free in case you want to attend other Halloween parties in the area, or be back in Stanley RV Park in time to give away (and munch on) candies of your own!  

We love celebrating holidays with residents and guests of Stanley RV Park and the Midland rv park community. We wish you all a spooky – but safe – Halloween!