Thanksgiving (and More) at Stanley RV Park in Midland TX

In a week’s time, we will once again gather with family and friends to celebrate one of our country’s most anticipated holidays: Thanksgiving!

Last year (yes, one whole year has already passed!), we shared a few tips on how you can host a successful Thanksgiving dinner and get-together here at Stanley RV Park. After all, living in smaller, cozier spaces is never a hindrance to holding a memorable party in your home, for any occasion.

We trust that all residents and guests of our Midland TX RV park will enjoy a safe and lovely Thanksgiving celebration – but we also know that right at the heels of this pumpkin-pumped holiday is an equally exciting event: Black Friday. Retailers, big and small, offer deals and discounts that can prove irresistible even to the non-seasoned shopper.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect time to pick up some essentials for your home, this is it – especially if you are new to RV living. Keep an eye out for items that can help make your stay here at Stanley RV Park in Midland TX even more to your liking.

Here’s a list of highly-recommended “musts” for RVers:

  • Surge protectors (automatically shuts off your power to protect your RV from over and under voltage.
  • Water pressure regulator (to prevent pipe damage)
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Kitchen accessories, e.g. multi-use crock pot, cast-iron skillet, water filter, immersion blender, low-wattage coffee makers
  • Portable outdoor furniture (so you can properly enjoy the open spaces that Midland TX has to offer)

Whether you live in our Midland TX rv park or one of the many rv parks in Midland, Black Friday has something for you… but be careful: sales are known to attract huge crowds, with shoppers lining up right after Thanksgiving dessert! You don’t, however, have to queue up to snag bargain finds for your RV. You can always go online to check for holiday price cuts – simply connect to the private high-speed internet that Stanley RV Park has made available to all residents and guests for free, and order you Black Friday deals online!

Happy Thanksgiving from Stanley RV Park!