Take a Walk—or Go for a Run—at Midland Parks

An active lifestyle can be hard to maintain but with the abundance of wide open spaces in Midland, Texas, it could just be a walk in the park—literally.

Midland has an impressive array of public parks and recreational spaces that can host a variety of physical activities. The cluster, which is just a short drive from Stanley RV Park, covers 1,172 acres of land, upon which 31 neighborhood parks, four specialty parks, one metropolitan park and one regional park have been developed. Residents and guests of Stanley RV Park are more than welcome to make use of the facilities and enjoy beautiful landscapes, may it be during a morning stroll before work, a quick run on weekends, or a game of catch with the kids. Zumba sessions are also a regular feature at the park, happening Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays, from 6 pm to 7 pm. You can opt to sign up for a single class at $6 each, or go for the monthly package at $40.

For a more intensive cardio workout, you can take your bike and ride it along the designated trail, or plan for a hike on the same route. If you prefer a more relaxing sport with a view of sprawling greens, the Hogan Park Golf Course offers superb services and well-maintained courses at reasonable membership rates.

Walking your pets is also a good way to burn some unwanted calories. If you want to give yourself and your dog a change of pace and environment during your daily walks, head to Hogan’s Run Dog Park. Just 7 miles from Stanley RV Park, the 5-acre fenced dog park offers basic but modern features, from clean drinking water to agility equipment. You’ll run into a lot of friendly faces, too.

There are many different ways you can break a sweat, and doing a bit of research before you decide on the appropriate exercise regimen will go a long way. There are many useful resources online, and with Stanley RV Park’s free high-speed internet, surfing for the perfect routine—whether it be circuit training at the park or yoga you can do at home—is easy and convenient. Our RV park also provides free DVR with over 200 channels, so you may stumble upon an interesting fitness program or two.

To know more about Midland Parks, visit www.midlandtexas.gov/194/Parks-Recreation. To find out what other services Stanley RV park offers, feel free to browse the RV park services page. Stanley RV Park is committed to providing the best RV park experience for all our guests. We welcome any inquiries, suggestions or comments you may have regarding your stay at our RV park.

(image source: www.midlandtexas.gov)