“Rock the Desert” from an RV

You’ll need a great RV park in Midland TX when a major festival comes to town in early August. “Rock the Desert” is an annual event that has been held in Midland since 1999. It is one of the major music festivals for Christian artists and a highlight for the summer. This year’s festival will be August 4-6. 
The festival was originally opened by Jeff Fouts as a free concert that could reach out to not only the neighborhood but also the community itself. Artists attending the festival this year are very well known bands such as Switchfoot, Tenth Avenue North, and RED. These are major acts in the Christian music scene, and will be sure not to disappoint on one of the biggest Texas stages in August. General admission usually goes for about $32.50. 
Concert festivals are well known travel sites for a RV camper. In between days and artists, attendants need a relaxing RV park or RV space.  Stanley RV Park is that exact place for you. Located in Midland, TX the park has RV spaces waiting for you to help make your stay relaxing and affordable. The concert is sure to attract many who prefer something more adventurous than the usual hotel room. Stanley RV Park wants to be a welcoming place of relaxation for what is sure to be a fantastic musical event.