Prepare your RV for Summer in Midland TX

We know how valuable your RV is to you, residents and guests of Stanley RV Park. Your RV is your home, your first defense against Mother Nature’s less friendly elements. Now that the summer season is inching closer, we hope that you have begun to tick off items in your maintenance checklist. Here are a couple of notes to help you get started:

  • Check your RV’s fluid levels. Your oil, coolant and water tank should be filled to the appropriate level. This is particularly critical for RV motors that run all through the night to power airconditioners and refrigerators.
  • Check the cooling system. Radiators, water pumps and engine coolant passages that are not properly and regularly maintained tend to have rust and corrosion build-up. If this is left untreated, your engine may overheat.
  • Invest in a good surge protector. Fluctuations are more common in the summer since RV campers use their airconditioning systems more frequently. Temperature spikes in Midland TX are no joke, and we anticipate that many residents and guests of Midland TX RV parks will be turning up their A/Cs to cope with the heat.
  • Ask your trusted mechanic to check the condition of your tires, especially if you plan to take your RV out of the park. Heat can cause wear and tear, as well as affect tire pressure. Feel free to ask the Stanley RV Park on-site management team for recommendations regarding services teams around the area.

Prevent excessive build-up of heat inside your RV by improving insulation and ventilation. Proper sealing can also help keep cool air in and hot air out!

We want your stay in Stanley RV Park this summer to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our RV Park in Midland TX is known for wide open spaces and friendly faces. Please do not hesitate to engage with members of the community. We also invite you to cool off at the city’s water parks, which just opened Saturday, May 26.