Midland TX is the “Land of Opportunity”

So said Mayor Jerry Morales in his Call to Action, which he delivered during a recent presentation that detailed exciting developments and plans for the City of Midland TX and its diverse community – and that includes you, Stanley RV Park residents and guests!

The population has been growing, and the city has been taking the necessary steps to catch up. This means matching the astounding increase in families, young workers and businesses with ambitious but sustainable plans for physical expansion. By 2028, it’s projected that Midland TX could possibly occupy 100 square miles! That can lead to even more open spaces – and friendly faces!

There has also been ample investing in public amenities, such as parks, municipals, and hike and bike trails. This is line with the city’s thrust to make Midland TX an even more desirable place to live and raise a family. Providing well-maintained spaces that are open and accessible to all is important in ensuring that quality of life is up to par – or better yet, beyond expectation. We know that all of you who have chosen to make Stanley RV Park your home appreciate the city’s ongoing projects and future developments, and we encourage you to enjoy them as much as you can.

In regards to what the Midland TX community can look forward to, points of interest include:

  • the Midland Convention Center, set to open in 2019
  • the Centennial Park project
  • better youth engagement

While Mayor Morales admits that there are challenges ahead, he is also quite optimistic about the opportunities that come along with them. Our vibrant and diverse city still has so much potential for even greater things, and we are happy that all who choose to stay at Stanley RV Park are part of and will benefit from Midland TX’s remarkable progress.