How to Have a Fun Family Night In

This month is all about love, and here at Stanley RV Park, we are all about love. It isn’t always about romantic love, though. February can also be a time for your other loved ones. Here’s a fun and economical way you can celebrate the love month here at our Midland TX RV Park.

  1. Go for a movie night. – Stanley RV Park offers free DVR with HD and 200+ channels, so you’re sure to always find something good. You may also want to check any of the free movie channels Stanley RV Park offers, like HBO, Starz, Showtime Movie Channel, Cinemax, Encore, etc. Introduce your loved ones to a classic feel-good family movie.
  2. Get the family involved in the kitchen. – Is your family with you at the RV park? It’s always fun to cook together as a family. Our busy lifestyle often keeps us from taking time out to prepare food together because many of us are too busy with work or other things in our schedules. Try to include a bit of extra time to make something as a family and get the kids involved. It can be as simple as popcorn, if none of you are kitchen-savvy. Simply preparing the family’s movie snack, even if it’s out of the box, can still be special when done together.
  3. Put away your devices awhile. – You may need to convince the rest of your family for this. But just an hour or two over dinner without the distraction of smartphones and tablets makes a big difference for the family. Try to make it into a game: put all of the family’s devices in a basket where everyone can see and can reach. The first person to cave in and check his or her device loses and gets an extra chore–maybe next week’s trash duty, or even laundry. It’s a good thing Stanley RV Park’s laundromat is also free!

We at Stanley Park wish every one of our residents and guests a comfortable and memorable stay.