Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Your Kids at Midland TX

Looking at pictures of families in RV parks out enjoying nature is always inspiring and many who have kids of their own hope that they could be true for them. 

Many American families confess that taking their children to RV parks whether full time or for a short break has been advantageous. Here are three reasons why: 

 1. It builds memories and stronger relationships. 

The close quarters of a recreational vehicle might be quite the change from your usual living space, but this forces many families to really get to know one another and spend time together. It helps parents from getting lost in their own little hobbies. It’s a great way to foster communication, relationship building, and the family’s closeness, which often gets lost in today’s high tech and fast-paced societies. 

2. It may introduce more independence. 

Remember that dreaded laundry day back at home when parents seem to be doing all the washing? Here at Stanley RV Park, we offer a free laundromat where you can  use to teach your children to do their own clothes. Logistically, the laundromat service makes it very easy for families to stay at Stanley RV Park as well as you will not have to go out for this necessity. The new smaller setting might also be good training grounds to inspire them to pitch in and do what they can, even in washing the dishes or cleaning up around the smaller space of an RV. 

3. Smaller indoor space encourages more outdoors. 

 Many of today’s parents complain their children are always on the electronics and never outdoors doing things they did when they were children. RV park life and the smaller space of an RV encourages youth to get outdoors and enjoy nature. There are also many outdoor activities to enjoy around Midland, like Sibley Nature CenterI-20 Wildlife Preserve, and the Hogan Park Golf Course. 

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