Cool Off At Midland TX Pools This Summer!

Hello Stanley RV Park residents and guests! Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the year? This means Spring will soon give way to Summer here in Midland TX. You may already be feeling the sting of hotter temperatures, and whether you are a guest of our rv park in Midland TX or not, you’re probably looking for a way to cool off and have fun… we’ve got some good news for you!

The City of Midland Swimming Pools – Doug Russell Aquatic Center and Washington Aquatic Center – will open on Saturday, May 26. Stanley RV Park residents and guests are most welcome to enjoy the pools and amenities, and to sign up for swimming lessons once they become available next month all the way through to July.

Make a family day out of it, or come along with friends that you’ve made in the Midland TX RV park community! The entry fee for both pools is $3 per person, but little ones under the age of 2 get to enter for free! If you plan to return more than once, we recommend that you purchase punch cards to save up to 60% in entry fees:

10 Punch Card (10 visits) – $15

25 Punch Card (25 visits) – $35

75 Punch Card (75 visits) – $75

Some of you may have special occasions coming up this Summer, or looking for a venue suitable for a private Fourth of July party (it’s never too early to prepare!). You can book either pool for your private event on certain weeknights, but be sure to make your reservation at least two weeks before your preferred date. Doug Russell Aquatic Center also offers pavilion rentals at certain times of the day (except Tuesday and Friday) as well, should you desire it for your family and companions.

To know more about the City of Midland’s public pools, you may visit Proximity-wise, Washington Aquatic Center is a shorter drive from Stanley RV Park (about 8 to 10 minutes via I-20BL W), but you are free to check out the pool at Doug Russell, which is located along Midland Drive.