Constructive Needs Coming to Midland TX

For RV parks and citizens of Midland TX, some exciting improvements are underway. According to the City of Midland Public Information Facebook page:

The Midland City Council took the first swing to kick off demolition at the Midland Center and Chamber buildings this afternoon. The demolition is taking place between now and June to make way for the new Midland Center, which is expected to open in summer 2019.
How will the City pay for the project?

The entirety of the project will be paid for with hotel/motel funds, which are generated by visitors staying in Midland hotels. By state law (tax code chapter 351), these funds must be spent on bringing in more tourism to Midland, and cannot be used for general fund expenses such as roads or public safety equipment. The Midland Center project is expected to cost up to $42,839,259. What’s the need for the project? Officials have reported that the Midland Center in its current state lost 359 events in a three-year time span due to inadequate space. With the increase in space, the Midland Center will have the ability to hold three large events at the same time.

This is fantastic news for places like Stanley RV Park where the need for great RV spaces can be fulfilled. With huge community projects opened up, more jobs are created, more community activities are available, and it allows the city and residents of RV parks in Midland TX to flourish. Stanley RV Park is ready for that development with great RV spaces, great wi-fi, and great amenities that come with the space.