3 Tips to Keep Your RV Cool This Summer


The summer is always the best time to travel and start ticking your destination list.

However, it’s hard to relax while you sweat buckets inside your RV when you have high temperatures outside.

You can still have a good time indoors by following these 3 tips to keep your RV cool this summer:

1. Find a shaded area

While searching for campgrounds with shade may seem logical, it’s easy to overlook this if you are booking months in advance. And even if you’ve secured one, most areas aren’t going to stay completely shady throughout the day.

When that happens, park your RV in a way that the sun shines on the side that has the least number of windows. You can also pull down your blinds or curtains to cut off the sun from entering your cabin. Always keep in mind that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west so prepare accordingly.

In case you cannot get hold of a shady spot, use tarps and awnings to provide shade when the midday heat starts. Tarps are a good choice because they are large enough to give instant cover for you and your travel companions. Attach one to your awning, your RV or a nearby tree…set up a couple of chairs and you have just created a cool spot to relax.

2. Cover the windows

If you don’t have shades on your RV doors, grab a few rolls of foil insulation on a mount to the inside window frames and other places to decrease the heat from the sun.

3. Check ventilation

Maintaining proper ventilation is one of the best ways to keep your RV cool this summer. Proper ventilation will maintain the cool air while pushing the warm air out.

Set up vent covers over the roof vents. Roof vent covers allow fresh air even when it’s raining. They are easy to install and cheap too.

You can opt to open the windows on the shaded area and close the ones facing the sun to let the warm air out. You can also install a roof vent fan to produce cool air inside the cabin. Ceiling vent vans help a lot in moving the air around the RV so consider installing them in your RV.

In the event you lose electricity, you can keep your cool by following these quick steps mentioned above.


Whether you are an RV enthusiast who loves camping or are a year-round RV park resident, these tips can help you beat the summer heat. For more information on Stanley RV Park in Midland TX, visit our website